Dear NULCA member,

My name is Jeff Moore and I own Locating Unlimited Pty Ltd a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID: 45518), which provides a range of training courses aimed at raising the skills and improving the safety of those who work around live underground services.

A number of weeks ago (5 actually – 24th September 2019), I wrote to each member of the NULCA Board of Directors informing them that we at Locating Unlimited Pty Ltd are delivering a Nationally Recognised GPR Locating course which we felt would be of interest to you, the members of NULCA. We were also seeking advice from them on how we may be able to work closely with NULCA to make this training more accessible to locators.

Disappointingly, after 5 weeks not one member of your board has taken the time to even acknowledge my email to them.

 Personally, I find this disgraceful, whilst professionally I find it appalling that an organisation that proports to represent the best interest of its members is not interested in even wanting to find out more information about this training. I read with interest the Mission Statement of NULCA which in part states: “As an Association we will fulfil our mission by partnering with utility companies, excavators, Dial Before You Dig, suppliers, manufacturers and regulatory bodies, as well as other interested parties passionate to provide leadership roles, to assist in the reduction of underground facility and environmental damages.

Clearly, they do not always fulfil this part of their Mission Statement.

What I find especially frustrating is the total lack of support from this organisation. A number of years back the company that I was working for invested heavily in setting themselves up as an RTO. We went out and found the best EM training system in the world and brought the world’s best EM trainer, Mike Paralic from Staking University in the US, to Australia to deliver training to our locators. We invited several NULCA members to attend the training – free of charge – and then had to sit through the NULCA AGM at Ausgrid in Sydney and listen to the President rubbish the training and state that the NULCA training was the only approved locator training around.

Here is just one feedback clip from an attendee – many of you would know or know of Tony Simpson the COO of Earth Radar – here is what he had to say: “I have just attended one of Mikes training courses here in Adelaide with a group of experienced cable locators/utility surveyors. The presentation and content of the training was outstanding and extremely informative. Having completed various training courses in the UK and worked with some of the best survey teams in the business, I have yet to meet anyone with his level of expertise. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who has designs on becoming a professional utility surveyor of the upper echelons of this industry as without it I guarantee you will be found to be lacking! (As I discovered I was). Thanks Mike I wish I had met you 10 years ago.

And now I am seeing the exact same thing happening all over again. We worked very hard for several months to have a Ground Penetrating Radar Course Nationally Accredited and we are happy to announce that on the 5th of March we were successful in having this qualification listed on the scope of registration of the RTO that I partner with.

ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) who control all Registered Training Organisations is the body that approved this.

This means that we can deliver this approved training, assess the competence of the participant and if deemed competent issue a Statement of Attainment reflecting this.  The course code, as advertised in our marketing material is NWPNET012 Use locating devices trained and assessed in Ground Penetrating Radar.

Because the philosophy of Locating Unlimited is to always deliver the best training available, we have trainers come in from the United Kingdom to deliver the material.

These same trainers deliver Module 3 of the UK PAS 128 qualification (Using GPR). The training is so well regarded that it is in the process of being accredited by the Construction Industry Council in the UK.

Colin Tickle, the Managing Director and owner of Bluehat, has over 30 years’ experience using GPR’s. His company is one of the largest GPR suppliers and GPR Training organisations in the UK. As well as delivering training all around the world, they saw a need in the market and have recently opened an office in Dubai.

The Bluehat team deliver the best GPR that is available anywhere in the world. I brought Dan Bigman to Australia last year and whilst Dan knows his stuff (so to speak), he is no where in the same league as a trainer as these guys. The trainers at Bluehat have the unique ability to be able to engage students, no matter their level of expertise or experience. This ability can only be developed over many years of training delivery and having vast industry experience. This ensures that all participants are able to gain valuable insight into the complexities associated with the use and interpretation of data from the Ground Penetrating Radar equipment.

With or without NULCA’s support we will continue to bring the best people to Australia to deliver specialised training – keep an eye out for the next training dates in February 2020.

When you have a moment, could you do me a favour – ask your NULCA Board members why they are not embracing organisations who bring the world best training to this country.

Thank you for your time – take care.


Jeff Moore

Owner Locating Unlimited Pty Ltd

RTO ID: 45518


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