Locator Field Training

At Locating Unlimited, it is all about the Student Journey. We work extra hard to ensure that EVERY student achieves all that they want out of the training.

If that means bringing an overseas subject matter EXPERT with skills far exceeding what we have here in Australia, to deliver the training, this is what is done.

To us they are more than students, they are friends, each of them know that we are ALWAYS at the other end of the phone, if they need help, advice or just a chat.

Locating Unlimited, Australia’s number 1 choice for Utility Damage Prevention Training.

GPR Training


Train with the best – TO BE THE BEST

Locating Unlimited is built on the foundational core value of putting our students above all else.

Training should be an experience where a transitional change can be witnessed within the learner, whether that change is to develop the skills needed to get a job, to keep a job, to transition to a higher paying job, or simply to improve your skills so that you have greater job satisfaction. What ever your reason, this is what training can do.

Moving forward, these core values will never change. But what will change will be the variety of course offerings that we will bring to the table. We have just introduced Drone Training, but moving forward we will deliver courses for Lidar, 3D imaging, Laser Scanning. As new technologies are introduced to the locating industry, Locating Unlimited will lead the way with quality training.

Our long-term plan is to introduce a career path for school leavers to transition into our industry, it is so disappointing that the major players cannot find skilled staff locally and have to look overseas for talent. We should be ashamed by this; it needs to be done – it MUST be done – IT WILL BE DONE.



Values cannot be directly observed, rather they are made evident by actions. Community values are the non-negotiable core principles or standards that the community’s residents wish to maintain. As a Training Organisation, Locating Unlimited comes together to support each other in health, happiness, and success. We strive to reach across barriers, by getting to know people who are different. We think of people with consideration, respect and deal with politeness to each other.


The Locating Unlimited philosophy is to deliver the very highest standards of professional and personal service to our customers by meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. We will only engage industry professionals who are passionate about locating and damage prevention and who have the necessary knowledge through training and experience to impart these skills to our students.


Is to be Australia and New Zealand’s leading provider of quality vocational education, enhancing our customers’ knowledge and skills for the Utility Locating Industry, enabling and empowering them to advance their career through formal training. We are committed to deliver training programs that offer maximum innovative and provide solutions driven by industry consultation. Knowledge is your greatest asset!


We are committed to an honest, ethical and compliant business through an accountable, transparent and result-orientated approach, whilst showing respect and professionalism within our team and to clients.


Provide all our clients with a supreme customer experience by offering the most relevant and current training available.


We are committed to an honest, ethical and compliant business through an accountable, transparent and result-orientated approach, whilst showing respect and professionalism within our team and to clients.


Locating Unlimited embraces, the philosophy of continual improvement. We continually monitor our material and training methods and in consultation with industry and subject industry experts, modify our processes where required.



Laurie Radcliffe

Owner of Drone Operations – Chief Pilot – Senior ICT Trainer and Assessor

Daniel Beech

Owner of Subsurface Consulting – Concrete Scanning GPR Trainer and Assessor

GPR Special Training
Dr. Jan Francke

One of the most experienced users of GPR in the world, having spent his entire 31- year career working with GPR applications in 108 Countries.

Adam Zeciri

Passionate about helping others acquire & hone their skills through adult education & training.

Jeff Moore

Senior EM trainer and owner of Locating Unlimited. Passionate about utility damage prevention.

Gabby Johnson
Gabby Johnson

DBYD Certified Locator, DCL Assessor, experienced trainer and assessor. Gabby brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to her classes.