NWPNET029 Locate, identify and protect utilities – trained and assessed using GPR.

GPR technology and capabilities improve daily, our training is designed to improve and build on your existing skills and knowledge. Locating Unlimited has a long history of bringing subject matter experts from around the globe to deliver advanced locator training.

This course will be no exception, we have been able to negotiate and secure the services of a noted Doctor of Geophysics. He holds a BSC from the university of British Columbia, an MSc from the University of Canterbury, and a PhD from Kings College London, all focusing on mineral exploration applications of GPR. His field experience includes GPR projects in over 85 countries on six continents. He has authored dozens of papers on the applications GPR to mining and geotechnical problems and conducted numerous workshops teaching GPR principles and managing expectations on realistic GPR performance.

Gain an understanding of the background science and fundamental working knowledge including, setup, data collection and interpretation of radar images, along with the practical elements to help identify underground services and utilities. We train the basic operating principles of the equipment and follow this up with field training of how the instruments work. This tried and tested method allows you demonstrate your proficiencies. We will develop your knowledge and skills to work confidently, efficiently, and safely, under all conditions.

NWPNET029 delivered by Locating Unlimited, is the only course in Australia that provides training and assessment specific to Ground Penetrating Radar.


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Course: NWPNET029 Locate, identify and protect utilities – trained and assessed using GPR.

Cost: $1,495.00 (GST free) per person

Duration: This training is delivered in two parts a self-paced on-line theory component, which covers off on all the knowledge requirements of the Unit of Competency. This is followed by two full days of intensive face-to-face GPR training with a published international Geophysicist.