Service Stream Excavation, Drilling,Penetration Permit Requester

Site excavation is serious business. Excavators and the act of excavating carries incredibly high risk and the always present danger of utility services including water and gas.

Following the right excavation procedure ensures you minimise the chance of accidents and catastrophes – for people, assets and surrounding communities. While the exact excavation procedure you follow will be slightly different based on the company you are working for, the best practices remain mostly the same.

The components of a sound and legal excavation procedure include:

  • Adhering to a SWMS (safe work method statement)
  • Identify underground services prior to any excavation which involves
    • A proper review of site plans and drawings
    • A review of dials
    • A physical inspection of the excavation site and area, usually accompanied by a utility services person or someone who has an understanding of that particular area
    • All buried services (found by the methods above) must be located via non-destructive mean and properly marked in line with requirements
  • Completing and having an excavation permit approved


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Course: Service Stream Excavation, Drilling,Penetration Permit Requester

Duration: This course can be delivered by two methods:

  • Face-to-Face– Classroom delivered.
    • 4-hours
    • Minimum numbers required
    • Price on Application
  • On-Line – Easy on-line format allows the user to complete in your own time. Modular system allows breaks to be taken at regular intervals if required.
    • Completely self- paced
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Price $110.00 incl GST