Silica Dust Awareness

To manage risks of silica dust, you must first identify whether silica dust is being generated and released into the air at your workplace. Workers are exposed to silica dust whenever it is airborne, and they can breathe it in.

Exposure to silica dust can result in:

  • illness and disease
  • for example, sarcoidosis, breathing problems, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, lung cancer, progressive massive fibrosis and silicosis
  • injury, for example eye irritation and eye damage.

There are three types of silicosis—acute, chronic and accelerated.

Silicosis and progressive massive fibrosis are irreversible and often fatal. Symptoms of these diseases may not appear for many years after exposure. Workers may be diagnosed with these diseases and not present with any symptoms, even at the point of initial diagnosis, which is why prevention and health monitoring are critical.

This course will help you to identify when and where silica dust might be present and provides several solutions to minimise the risks of exposure.


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Course: Silica Dust Awareness

Cost: $75.00 plus GST per person

Delivery: The course is delivered on-line, this easy-to-use format allows the learner to access the training material at a time that suits the learners needs, without the need to have time off from work. The modular system allows breaks to be taken at regular intervals if required.

Duration: Approx. 2 hours maximum

Certification: On successful completion learners will receive a Certificate of Completion in Silica Dust Awareness.