Plan Reading and Duty of Care Requirements

The underground network of utilities gets more and more congested with each passing day. The asset owners provide plans through the Before You Dig Australia service. These plans are the best available information available to us but are totally useless if you cannot understand them and/or embrace the requirements placed by the asset owners.

Ignorance is not an excuse; it is incumbent upon you and your work crews to fully understand and implement the requirements placed by the asset owner.

This course helps demystify the various asset owners plans and clarifies your Duty of Care obligations to your work crew and asset owner.



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Course: Plan Reading and Duty of Care Requirements

Cost: $75.00 plus GST per person

Delivery: The course is delivered on-line, this easy-to-use format allows the learner to access the training material at a time that suits the learners needs, without the need to have time off from work. The modular system allows breaks to be taken at regular intervals if required.

Duration: Approx. 3 hours maximum

Certification: On successful completion learners will receive a Certificate of Completion.