GPR Special Training Event

GPR Special Training

GPR Special Training , For over 33 years Jan Francke has been at the top of the tree, regarding Ground Penetrating Radar investigations. Called upon by mining conglomerates in 108 countries, on six continents to carry out GRP field investigations and data analysis, Jan is one of the most experienced GPR practitioners in the world.

Dr Francke holds a BSc from the University of British Columbia, a MSc from the University of Canterbury, and a PhD from Kings College London, all focusing on mineral exploration applications of GPR.

He runs Groundradar, which designs and deploys custom GPR systems, as well as Geolitix, a cloud based GPR and geophysics processing platform. He has authored dozens of papers on the application of GPR to mining and geotechnical problems and frequently lectures at Universities and Conferences on managing expectations with GPR technology.

Locating Unlimited is thrilled to be able to announce that Jan has agreed to provide a limited number of Australian GPR users the opportunity of spending two days learning from the best. Numbers are strictly limited, and sessions (for this trip) are only possible in Sydney on Monday the 6th and Tuesday the 7th of February and in Melbourne on Thursday the 9th and Friday the 10th of February 2023.

What you will learn:
• A full understanding of the principles of GPR
• What to look for when considering GPR or evaluating performance claims
• The future of GPR technology, ranging from large array systems to drones and autonomous driving vehicles
• How GPR data is collected in different environments, ranging from large mineral exploration projects to scanning of concrete slabs
• How to process and interpret GPR data using provided sample datasets as well as data collected on site
• Access to a comprehensive cloud-based geophysical processing platform (Geolitix) for two months.
• How to compile and present Reports to project-based clients

It is anticipated that these two sessions will sell out quickly. To be a part of the experience of training with the world’s best, register your interest NOW –

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