5 Day Advanced GPR Training

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The most advanced GPR course available at Locating Unlimited.

In this 5-day Advanced GPR Training course, students will be introduced to a vital element of location technology. This non-intrusive piece of technology can be used to drastically reduce the challenge of accurate utility location. However, it requires specific training to carry out and, with this course, students can make sure they are equipped to handle the challenges, and rewards, that it offers.


This technology is typically used to allow a utility contractor to ensure that underground utilities, especially those that are not metallic, can be located, marked and then subsequently avoided. Before any form of digging takes place a GPR survey should be carried out to ensure that the spot is eligible and safe for usage. The Advanced GPR Training  course that you will undertake ensures that you can actively contribute to finding a solution without compromising any infrastructure below.

GPR systems work by sending a tiny pulse of energy into a material via an antenna. An integrated computer records the strength and time required for the return of any reflected signals. Subsurface variations will create reflections that are picked up by the system and stored on digital media. These reflections are produced by a variety of material such as geological structure differences and man-made objects like pipes and wire.

Ground Penetrating Radar is extremely accurate when it comes to locating metallic and non-metallic objects. Any subsurface variations, metallic or non-metallic, will cause signals to bounce back. When this occurs, all detected items are revealed on the computer screen in real-time as the GPR equipment moves along. Users can even tell from the signal returned whether the feature in question is metallic or non-metallic. The Advanced GPR Training Course assists in the analysis of the return data to determine what you are really looking at.


Applications for include, but is not limited to:

  • Utility detection —
  • PVC and Poly pipes
  • Site assessment —
  • Goldline and Risan Gas pipes
  • Stressing cable and rebar Location —
  • Underground Storage Drums location
  • Concrete sewer and stormwater pipes —
  •   Archaeological Site Assessment
  • Optic fibre location —
  • Landfill mapping
  • Utility positioning —
  • Underground Storage Tank location
  • Turf and Tree root assessment —
  • Concrete Inspections
  • Ground water studies —
  • Road or Rail bed investigations
  • Void detection and location

With skill and training all of the above is achievable. GPR’s are an exceptional tool for finding underground utilities, but you need specialist training and experience to be able to get the most from the equipment.

The 5 day Advanced GPR Training Course is an exceptional blend of theory and field work. Class sizes are kept small (no greater than 10) so that individual attention is guaranteed. The Locating Unlimited team utilises industry experts combined with vast adult education experience.

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Jeff’s ability to engage with the team makes his training invaluable to our projects. Finding SME in remote areas is difficult; however Jeff thrives on the challenges presented and always delivers memorable training experiences.

Gerrard Heffernan
Project Manager, WDS fabrication & infastructure

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