5 Day Advanced EM Locator Training

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This is the premier course offered by Locating Unlimited.

A serious course for serious locators. Anyone looking to get engaged with location technology the 5 day Advanced Locator Training program MUST be considered. As a significant part of any safe digging or excavation, electromagnetic locating is so incredibly important to safe and easy management of any excavation program.


As the preferred method of locating all metallic utility lines electromagnetic locating allows for an accurate, easy and cost effective option to make sure even those deeply buried utilities are never compromised. Without this skill, it becomes very easy to cause extensive and costly damage to an area.

Locating is a skill that needs to be learnt, you need to receive this information from persons with vast industry experience, persons who have learnt these skills from either training or on the job experiences. Our Locating Unlimited trainers have both – locator training by some of the best organisations in the world as well as independent research on the job learnings.


The Advanced Locator Training course teaches you just two things:

  • How a locating instrument works
  • How to use the locating instrument

We like to keep things simple – BUT by having a thorough understanding of these two basic skills you will be a much better equipped to be able to deal with those difficult locates. You will be more accurate, safer and know when the locate is getting beyond your capabilities.

This program has taken the “best bits” from a number of internationally recognised locator training organisations, blended it with the information that the manufacturer readily provides and introduces it to the student in an easy to understand format.

You will leave the training wondering why you did not do it years ago. You will be provided with the key that unlocks the mysteries surrounding Electromagnetic Locating. These skills are absolutely vital and will play a significant role in your professional development as a locator. Without the knowledge of these issues then it will become challenging to maintain accuracy when locating.

This Advanced Locator Training course is offered to a capped number of students and will only be offered 4 times per year. Places will be sold on a first in first served basis, so get in early by contacting our office to reserve your place. To miss out is to continue locating unsafely.

Serious locators choose The Advanced Locator Training Program from Locating Unlimited.

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Jeff’s ability to engage with the team makes his training invaluable to our projects. Finding SME in remote areas is difficult; however Jeff thrives on the challenges presented and always delivers memorable training experiences.

Gerrard Heffernan
Project Manager, WDS fabrication & infastructure

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