1 Day Plan Reading & Duty of Care

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Essential knowledge for all working in the Civil Construction Industry - knowing your Duty of Care and Plan Reading abilities are paramount to safe excavation.

A major part of safe and effective location awareness comes from knowing Plan Reading & Duty of Care obligations required by the asset owner.

Are you aware of the Duty of Care requirements of the asset owner – do you realise that you can be held liable if you do not follow them?


This course will see students who undertake the 1-day Plan Reading & Duty of Care course be able to confidently and safely fulfil the requirements of the client. As part of your commitment to delivering an efficient and safe service, you will be expected to be adept at handling both.

The course is contextualised for each individual state, which means that you will learn material that is specific to where you are located. Obviously there are consistencies nationally for some of the asset owners for example Telstra, Optus – but added to these will be the asset owners that only operate in your geographical area.

All participants will benefit from attending the Plan Reading & Duty of Care course – from Project Supervisors, Site Safety Officers thru to the field operatives. It is vitally important for each level of employee to be aware of and adhere to the requirements of the utility owner Duty of Care.

Often people think that reading plans is an easy task, and yes in many situations this is the case. However, many of the asset owners have information on their plans that take a little skill to be able to unlock. These skills will be passed onto you so that you can be better informed and thus be able to carry out your job in a more efficient and safer manner.

Are you aware that your MUST have current plans on-site while ever the project is in progress. Ignore this requirements, and have a utility strike and I suggest that you have a large and paid up insurance policy. You have failed to meet your Duty of Care requirements and will be held liable for the damages.


By the end of the course, students will be expected to understand:

  • The role that Dial Before You Dig plays
  • How to order plans for you work site
  • Who sends you the Utility owners plans
  • What to do if plans do not arrive
  • How to read the plans
  • The Duty of Care requirements of Utility asset owners in your area

The Plan Reading & Duty of Care course represents cheap insurance against the possibility of litigation for utility damage.

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Jeff’s ability to engage with the team makes his training invaluable to our projects. Finding SME in remote areas is difficult; however Jeff thrives on the challenges presented and always delivers memorable training experiences.

Gerrard Heffernan
Project Manager, WDS fabrication & infastructure

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