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Jeff Moore CEO locating unlimited

Senior trainer and owner of Locating Unlimited – Australia, Jeff has a wealth of Utility Locating experience, having spent time at each of the major locating organisations in SE Queensland. Thirteen years of locating experience was crystallised when Jeff was given the opportunity of training at the Premier Locator Training organisation in the World.

Staking University at Manteno (near Chicago) Illinois USA, built on the existing knowledge that Jeff possessed and provided new skills that improved his ability to locate accurately and safely.

Jeff still sees the need for the upskilling of Australia’s utility locators; we are slipping behind world standards as evidenced by the statistical data provided by Dial Before You Dig’s Infrastructure Damage Reporting System (IDRS). IDRS is a National System for the recording of utility strikes. They have recorded for Telstra alone in excess of 20,000 strikes per annum.

Locating Unlimited aims at providing targeted training across a range of relevant subject matter. One way of stemming the number of strikes is to train the field supervisors and site safety officers on what they should be looking for in a locator. By arming them with a couple of simple questions to ask their contract locators, they will be able to determine the level of skill they have and whether they should be doing the locating on their site.

This training was rolled out by Jeff a couple of years back to key personal at Leighton Contracting, Visionstream and Broad Construction. Richard Monjo, the then National Safety manager at Broad Construction, was so impressed that he stated he had never seen a program with such a positive and dramatic effect on lowering utility strikes. John Britto, the National and Divisional SHEQ Manager for Visionstream, nominated the program for the National Safety Awards in 2013.

The program and the training works – let Jeff and his team introduce you to a safer method of dealing with Underground Utilities.

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Jeff’s ability to engage with the team makes his training invaluable to our projects. Finding SME in remote areas is difficult; however Jeff thrives on the challenges presented and always delivers memorable training experiences.

Gerrard Heffernan
Project Manager, WDS fabrication & infastructure