Adam ZeciriConsultant and Emerging Technology Advisor

Adam Zeciri (Consultant and Emerging Technology Advisor)

Since 1999, Adam has been mapping and locating subsurface utilities in North America. Utilizing conventional land surveying, GPS/ RTK, thermal imaging (IR), subsurface and concrete scanning via ground penetrating radar (GPR), electromagnetic induction (EMI), conventional electromagnetic locating (EM), acoustic locating and SPAR utility surveying technologies, Adam has located and mapped buried infrastructure in the Midwestern United States and Northern California. This includes Chicago’s central business district in the downtown area, the Chicago Transit Authority train tunnel systems, downtown Peoria, IL and various other urban and suburban settings.

He has trained and certified utility locators from the United States, Canada and Australia. In addition, he has supervised and trained gas leak survey, utility locating, infrastructure mapping, corrosion, utility construction and gas leak repair field crews in Northern California. He recently trained and qualified operators in over 29 different gas construction, maintenance and repair tasks at Pacific Gas & Electric Company as Senior Technical Instructor and OQ Evaluator

Adam is passionate about helping others acquire and hone their professional skills through adult education and training. He has a strong desire to aid in the continuous improvement of himself and those I come into contact with.

He sat and continues to sit on various committees, including the corrosion tech team, the locate and mark tech team, the gas leak survey tech team and the IBEW corrosion mechanic apprenticeship line of progression (LOP) sub-committee.


Adams equipment expertise is across a number of areas including:

  • Gas Leak Survey —
  • Land Surveying —
  • Acoustic
  • Utility Surveying —
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Electromagnetic (EM) —
  •  Infrared/Thermal Imaging (IR)
  • Corrosion

Adam provides expert advice on new technologies and emerging trends within the Damage Prevention and Locating/Survey Industries. This close bond with Adam allows Locating Unlimited to remain at the fore-front of the industry here in Australia.

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Jeff’s ability to engage with the team makes his training invaluable to our projects. Finding SME in remote areas is difficult; however Jeff thrives on the challenges presented and always delivers memorable training experiences.

Gerrard Heffernan
Project Manager, WDS fabrication & infastructure