Locating Unlimited’ s Guide to becoming a DBYD Certified Locator

The DBYD Certification recognises locators who have a high level of understanding and practical expertise.program consists of a rigorous assessment of practical locating skills as well as a comprehensive theory element.

Locating Unlimited has developed this guide as a comprehensive self – paced look at what you may be asked in the theory assessment and what you may be asked to demonstrate during the practical assessment requirements of the DBYD Locator Certification Program.

Improving the locating skills of Australia ’s locators is a key priority of Locating Unlimited and we applaud and fully support the effort that DBYD has gone to in introducing this program.

Locating Unlimited is providing a guide to help you identify any deficiencies that you may have with your locating knowledge, and once identified we can help you to find solutions to improve your abilities and knowledge.Go into the assessment with confidence, without the fear of the unknown.

This guide is in no way a guarantee of passing the assessment; however, you will have a better chance of passing if you are confident that you thoroughly know all that is presented in the program.

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Important Note:

“This guide is not endorsed or affiliated with DBYD Certification Ltd, and on completion there is no guarantee any applicant will be able to pass DBYD Certification Ltd.’s Certified Locator Test.”